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Sparks® is our innovation and ideation process fueled by over 500 smart, creative consumers. Women, men, teens and 'tweens who love to think outside the box - way outside the box - and they are standing by to jumpstart your thinking! A Sparks® session is a high-energy ideation experience that goes well beyond the traditional focus group. Clients love Sparks® because they get to brainstorm along with the panelists.

Sparks® is ideal for new product and concept brainstorming, packaging, product naming, promotions and positioning development.

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A Sparks® session is highly customized to the client's needs.┬áIt can be three hours or three days. It can take place anywhere in any city. Our panelists are highly-engaged, well-educated and involved in the world around them. They see things differently, and that makes all the difference.

We've worked with Murphy Marketing Research/TRENDTOWN for years and have used them for a variety of topics. Their Sparks® program was relatively new to us but the perfect fit for a new program that was in development. I was a little nervous to think that 12 people could provide as much insight as they did, but it was fabulous. They were able to go beyond what a traditional focus group would find, particularly from a new-product perspective. We complemented the SPARKS® group with a traditional focus group and couldn't have been more pleased with the results. They were instrumental in our launch. We will definitely use SPARKS® again and would highly recommend it!
—Director of Consumer Insight, WW Grainger

The Sparks® group was like taking all of the best participants from ten years worth of focus groups and putting them together in one group. The learning was amazing!
—Marketing Manager, Nonni's Food Company

I have reached out to Murphy Marketing Research Sparks® team on a number of occasions to help my Marketing department, and I have always been so impressed with the results. They have helped us identify new-product opportunities, as well as optimize how we talk about a product. Each and every time, they manage to raise the bar for success. The caliber of the panel and their training is outstanding. Murphy Marketing Research/TRENDTOWN has elevated the standard well beyond the traditional focus group participant.
—Vice President, a major NY Cosmetics Company